Wilson Lutheran Church


Council Minutes


Wilson Lutheran Council Meeting Highlights

January 12,2023 Council Meeting Highlights: (Complete minutes are available in the office)

  • Mike made a motion to close the Building Fund Account and move it to the General Fund Account placing the Building Fund under it’s own category, second by David. Motion carried.
  • Annual Reports need to be submitted by January 15th for the annual meeting.
  • Thank you notes from Elmwood Food Shelf, Spring Valley Community Food Shelf and Zion Lutheran Food Shelf were read. Pastor Bob expressed his appreciation for the Christmas gift given him.
  • Walking Together Synod event will be held March 11 at Bethany Lutheran Church, Rice Lake.
  • Synod Assembly will be April 29th at Bethany Lutheran Church, Rice Lake. People are needed to represent Wilson Lutheran at the Assembly.
  • The Endowment Fund recommendation was to not do any distribution of funds due to the losses in the market.
  • The Endowment Committee will be seeking someone to fill a vacancy on their committee at the annual meeting. They typically meet once a year.
  • Tracy made a motion to use the Thanksgiving Offering to purchase from the ELCA Good Gifts Program School Supplies for a Classroom for $300, 1 Piglet for $45 and 1 Sheep for $100, second by Sharon. Motion carried.
  • Coffee after church services will began the first Sunday in February. Anyone interested in serving treats and coffee can sign up